TMS Training Center

TMS Cardiff Gas Ltd established in 2016 a first class Maritime training provider, named TMS Training Center, with the aim of providing in-house training to both shore based personnel and the Seafarers of TMS Group of Companies such as TMS Tankers Ltd.

Training is an added value to our Officers and shore-based staff enhancing Safety at sea. There is a need to continue training beyond initial qualifications in order to maintain, upgrade and update skills and competencies throughout working life.

TMS Training Center establishment and operation is an example of a prudent approach towards Safety, Quality and Environmental Excellence. Additionally, it demonstrates the TMS Group of Companies commitment in investing in its people providing continuous training, while recognizing the overwhelming contribution of the human element in Safety.

In TMS Training Center, we train our people as close to real life as possible, teaching them how to handle challenging situations. We strive to provide a better learning experience. The goal is to achieve the highest learning level from a training session.

Training Activities

TMS Training Center, is conducting seven (7) simulated courses so far, as follows:

  • Oil Cargo Handling (K-Sim Cargo, Neptune CHS-SCC-II, Suezmax)
  • LNG Cargo Handling (K-Sim Cargo, Neptune CHS LNGC-M)
  • BRM – BTM (K-Sim Navigation bridge class A)
  • ECDIS Generic (K-Sim Radar / ECDIS).
  • K – Chief 700, Step 1 (K – Chief Crew Trainer, Automat. system for LNGCs).
  • ERM for LNGCs [Neptune K-Sim Engine, model (ERS DE-DF, LNG carrier)].
  • ERM for Tankers and VLGCs [Neptune K-Sim Engine, model (ERS L11 MC-90-V MAN B&W, VLCC)].

In addition there are three (3) classroom facilities for lectures and seminars (Soft courses) such as ISO 14001, ISO 50001, Risk Assessment and Incident Investigation courses just to name a few.

TMS Training Center Approvals

TMS Training Center’s Management System is approved and certified by DNV in accordance with the DNV Standard for Certification of Maritime Training Providers No. DNVGL-ST-0029. TMS Training Center is also approved by the Malta Transport Centre / Merchant Shipping Directorate in accordance with their standards and Guidelines.

Additionally the BRM-BTM course is approved by the Marshall Islands Registry / IRI.